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Insider secrets, proven strategies and groundbreaking applications that have been used since the first Olympic competition in 776 B.C!

Simplify the playbook

Simplify The Playbook

Just like your Coaches did! Now you'll learn the critical importance of this skill in business. 

March Madness-New

Outflank Your Competition

Just like you did on the field, you will learn how to bring those skills into the boardroom.

What Data Is Really Important?

Learn what numbers you need to really focus on and why. Use your data to generate more wins!

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Simplify the playbook! Why simpler is always better.
Outflank your competition. What must you always be looking for? 
Why data is critical and what numbers you need to pay attention to. 
BONUS #1: What your org chart should look like.
BONUS #2: Why having "too many players on the field" will ruin your chances of success & what to do instead! 

Featured Testimonials About Pete Moore, Integrity Square, HALO Talks & HALO Academy

Through my participation in HALO 101 & 2, I came to appreciate Integrity Square’s insight of commercial real estate and the mindset of real estate investment trusts.  With Integrity Square working alongside me, I was able to successfully negotiate with a major REIT to restructure my lease and bring my occupancy costs in line with industry benchmarks.

John Miller

Just wanted to say that I loved your presentation during the Future of Fitness Club Industry event. Your insights regarding the April 1 football game were so true and the evaluations on the debt levels of some of the big operators was fascinating. It’s been the most enjoyable presentation of the event thus far. Thank you.

Dave Wright

I have had the opportunity to see a few sides of Pete which are all positive.  He carries the DNA of a deal maker while also being able to have conversations around how to efficiently operate the business. By asking the right questions at the right time, many opportunities and learnings have been shared over the years!  Congrats to Pete and the entire team on the 200th HALO Talks!

Adam Sedlack

Pete is absolutely an expert in the health and wellness sector and his insight is multifaceted and practical. It has been a pleasure to work with Pete over the years.

David Hardy

About your coach

Hello! Pete Moore Here . . . 

I am the Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Dream Architect at Integrity Square ("ISQ,") the leading boutique financial advisory firm and an early stage investor in the HALO sector. 

Since founding ISQ in 2010, the firm has played an active advisory role in 100+ mergers & acquisition, private placement and advisory assignments across North America, Europe and Asia. My team and I have also invested in passionate entrepreneurs at Switch PlaygroundHigherDOSEXTENDGreco FitnessPromotion Vault and The Athlete Book

Prior to ISQ, I was Head of the Active Lifestyle & Wellness Group at Sagent Advisors (2003-2010.) Prior to 2003, I co-founded FitnessInsite, a SasS sales management platform with 1500+ clients (based in AZ.) At FitnessInsite, I invested my personal capital, leveraged credit cards, and learned what it takes to manage a startup!

I built my business and financial acumen on top of the foundation laid at three critical positions early in my career: Senior Associate at Brockway Moran & Partners, the private equity owner of Gold’s Gym International, Inc;  while working as an Associate at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette; and while serving as an Analyst at Chase Securities. (Now JP Morgan.) 

ISQ saw a need for a deeper & more useful level of education in the HALO sector. So in response, we launched the HALO Talks podcast, with 350+ completed interviews and over 70,000 downloads. HALO Talks has since become a “must listen” for anyone working or investing in the sector. 

I graduated from Emory University (BBA, 1994) and received my MBA from Harvard Business School (1999.) While there, I co-founded IRON PLANET, the leading B2B auction site for used heavy equipment, which eventually was sold to Ritchie Bros for $758 million.  

My hobbies include: Football, basketball, tennis, podcasting, amateur ventriloquism, pro bono DJ and fitness enthusiast.   

Notable Stats: Wingspan 76”, 33 yard dash at 4.3 seconds. I still remain undrafted. (Just saying!) And in July 2021, I had the honor of becoming an Honorary FDNY Fire Chief based on our fundraising efforts for the FDNY. 

Pete Moore

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